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Originally Posted by errand View Post
I think most Americans are with you on this too.....what's sad is these arguments that the "pro choice" people give for abortion when proposed as the only way an abortion can be performed, will never say that makes the most sense and is the best compromise to a very sensitive issue.

If you proposed that the only way a woman could receive an abortion was if she had been raped by a stranger or relative, or in order to save the life of the mother, they still would reject it....because it's not about the health of the mother, and it damn sure isn't about the health of the's about their sacred cow.
You apparently didn't read my post on the subject, and I'm sure you don't actually have civil conversations with liberals. I would say about 80-90% of liberals (including my wife, who is about 12 shades more liberal than I am) would support a ban on abortions in most cases if we were actually doing much to solve the problems that drive people to get an abortion.

Instead of addressing poverty with some common sense solutions that will actually help people get on their feet and be able to support a child, we suffer through attacks from the right calling people lazy, immoral, freeloading....even if those adjectives were true, calling names does nothing to solve poverty, nor will it reduce the number of abortions.

Like I said, if you're truly interested in reducing the number of abortions, you had better be ready to address all the problems that contribute to people getting them in the first place. Otherwise it's just a bunch of hot air.
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