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Humans are sexual creatures and there has been homosexuality since time immemorial. Sexuality is not and has never been a black and white issue. Saying homosexuals choose to be gay is quite ridiculous. They kill people for homosexuality in some parts of the world. Are we to believe sex for "normal" people is an expression of love, but for everyone else it is nothing more than perversion? That people in Iran get hung from construction cranes because they can't control their libido? If homosexuality is nothing more than perversion, then how do these people even exist as couples? How do they live together and want to marry? Most of these viewpoints are moronic and unobservant. It takes nothing more than a glance about your surroundings to realize how blatantly and obviously wrong you people are.

This is nothing more than societal shenanigans. We as a society used to argue that owning people as property was alright, and that women were too stupid to have a say in our system. That is how wrong we have been in the past. Are your brains not the least bit tickled that we're still wrong about other things? People have been convinced to the utmost certainty of the stupidest things. Now that we no longer murder people for being open about their sexuality, you wonder why there are so many homosexuals appearing? I am flabbergasted at the thought processes, or lack thereof, that some people have shared in this thread.
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