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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post

That said, lumping gay people in with these serial killers or other such "monsters" is disgusting, and people need to stop doing it.
Umm, nobody is "lumping them in" with serial killers or other "monsters". I posed the question if people are born to kill, or basically born evil?

If we're to believe that homosexuality is a genetic trait people are born with despite the fact there is no concrete evidence that says "yes, they are" or "no, they're not", then how does anyone actually know if a person isn't also "born to kill"? It is a legitimate question....because if there is actual research that proves people are born to do things that society considers "abnormal" then perhaps it can be pursued further to see if there is a "murder gene" as well.

Look at a guy like Jeffrey Dahmer....a kid who had always been fascinated with death...he use to find road kill and strip off the skin and check out the organs and bones, etc.......he said he always wondered what it would be like to kill someone...and finally his brain convinced him that just fantasizing about it wasn't good enough.

Caution!!! this video has graphic images that are not suitable for have been warned.

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