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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
So you, being Jason Collins, knew whether or not he was attracted to the women he slept with?

I've had girlfriends. I have had sex with my girlfriends. I knew at the time I was gay as a $3 bill. I used them to deflect questions into my personal life and to stop people with a narrow viewpoint who could hurt me from causing that pain. And a decent person hates the fact they have to use people who have done them no wrong to hide from bull**** from ignorant people. It made me a hypocrite.
That's courageous as hell, Chris ... right on. You should be proud of that. And I see why you moved next to the prison. NO! I did NOT say that!! Lord, I apologize, and be with the starvin' Pygmies down in New Guinea, Amen. I'll have to make up for that ........

BEST COMPARISON for LGB's, probably posted already, is to left-handers. Each about the same percentage of the population, each with similar partial-deviation curves - bisexuals and ambidextrous. Almost EVERY anti-gay insult - in this thread and elsewhere - has at one time been directed toward left-handers in centuries past. Lefties were thought to be evil, satanic-influenced, the devil's soldiers on Earth.

Hating in general is easy to figure out: From the simplest example - fear of the dark - man fears the unknown, fears what he cannot understand. Think about it ... different skin colors, people who look different, practice religion or sexuality differently, speak differently, wear black and silver uniforms. That's the short list of those most hated right there. We don't understand, and therefore respond with fear/hate.

GLB haters call it a "choice," which is lunacy ... think about it: Did you have a choice? I sure as heck didn't. And if we didn't get to choose, why do they? What makes them so special that they can order off a bigger menu?
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