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Originally Posted by Drunk Monkey View Post
I am a Catholic and do not hold myself in contempt. I think they / we will eventually pull out heads out and realize that some people are born gay. I had a long discussion with my uncle who is a deacon. It flat out amazed me that they really believe that all gay people choose to be gay. That they could stop being gay if they want to.
It is a choice. Period. Tell me Drunk Monkey, did you choose to sleep with your wife? Did you choose to sleep with all those girls before you got married?

All sexuality is a choice. Do you choose to J-O to porn? It's a choice. All sexuality is a choice. The man who rapes a woman chooses to do so. The man who molests a child does so by choice. The bisexual who sleeps with a man one night and a woman the next does so by choice.

Simply because a hetero like yourself and like me doesn't understand this choice, does not mean it is NOT a choice. It is a choice, regardless of how people try to justify it.
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