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Originally Posted by Broncojef View Post
Economy is in the tank and continues to worsen, unemployment rate is outrageous with people off the books not even looking for work, the fed is printing money to the point the dollar is bcoming worthless, we have no energy plan other than to throw taxpayer dollars to green companies that will go bankrupt, taxes fees and penalties are bad and getting worse. Obamacare has been called a train wreck by even those who orignally backed the bill-rates will increase for everyone, Congress can't and won't pass a budget - the President's own plan received no votes by even Democrats the last three years because its so outrageous, sequestration orignally a Presidential/Democrat idea cuts no spending only the increased rate of spending yet we are told the world will end - stupid cuts as a political ploy are used to make the public feel pain, gun runner and Beghazi are outright cover-ups, not sure we have a foreign policy other than a weak attempt at finger wagging and red lines that continue to be crossed, the first and second amendments are under attack by the politically correct, we can't say muslim extremists and terrorists don't exist yet we are continually attacked by them, when we are such as in Fort Hood it was work place violence dispite the idiot yelling Allah Akbar and giving muslim briefings, the media is complicit and fails to report anything not part of their agenda, schools teach their form of liberal morailty yet fail to produce kids that can read, write or function in society, the American public is so stupid addicted to drugs, alcohol and lustful sex that they care not to see reality. Good guys like Tebow are villanized and made to be a fool. Forgive me if I could care less about Collins and his lifestyle. Our country is in the final throws of its existance and we are forced to talk about Collins and his sexuality, Brittney without panties and Lohan missing her rehab because thats what the liberals want us focused on.
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