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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Well, like B-Large said, you can have a pro-life stance and still not be a crazy person. Hell, you can be a liberal and still have an end game that includes the banning of abortion in all but the most extreme of cases. But as I said in the other thread (and if you'd like details, my post was here, if you want to ban abortion, you had better be prepared to address all of the surrounding issues which contribute to the reason why people have them in the first place.

If we address sex education, welfare and the rest of the stuff, the number of abortions will go down naturally, because most people don't have abortions just to have them. At that point you can say, "okay, now that we've made it so that you can adequately care for your child, it's no longer legal to have an abortion except in these rare cases." Right now, I'm for a mother's right to choose, but if we can improve the plight of the people actually getting abortions, I'd vote for a constitutional ban on abortion in a heartbeat.
I guess we'll have to differ on that,I believe abortion should available in any circumstance. Gov. Shouldn't dictate when you can or can't have a legal medical procedure.
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