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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
For the record the only time I'm inside a church is for Marrying & Burying.
Sorry your command of the English language is so poor. I should have typed "If ONE has a literal interpretation of the Bible, ONE is not qualified to serve on the Science, Space and Tech Committee."

You know why?

Because the Bible isn't science.

Now, as far as cut's question about energy and natural resources, I don't see why you wouldn't want at least someone with a background in oil, coal or any of that stuff. As long as they're not taking money from those industries (which, who are we kidding, everyone takes money from everyone), you have valuable insight to provide.

I would say that yes, not believing global warming is occurring would automatically disqualify someone, because it IS occurring. If someone were to say that they didn't believe that humans were the only cause of it, however...while I disagree, that wouldn't be a disqualifier.

I like how you guys are asking questions trying to trap me into saying something you don't like, as if one person would be in charge of all of the qualifications of the committees. I would think that if they did this, they would have some sort of panel which decides on the qualifications based on common ground.

The unfortunate thing is that it will never happen in a million years, because you would have to get Congress to vote on it, and all of the congressman that just got appointed to the House Committees on the Flavors of Tang because they won re-election for their party would vote against it.
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