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Iíve also seen what happens to Republicans who dare to even contemplate cooperation with the White House. When Congressman Scott Rigell of Virginia accepted the presidentís invitation to join him at an event highlighting the shipyard jobs that sequestration would destroy in his district, the two men had a warm and constructive conversation aboard Air Force One. The president talked about his willingness to pursue entitlement reform. Rigell said he was open to closing tax loopholes for the wealthy. In return, he was threatened with a primary challenge by his local Tea Party, attacked by Grover Norquist as a ďcheap date,Ē and flooded with nasty calls and emails from conservative activists.

If youíre a Republican in Congress, whatís more likely to sway your voteóa trip on Air Force One and a personal plea from Barack Obama, or the threat of a Tea Party challenge thatís taken down so many of your colleagues in recent elections?
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