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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
That's because most people who claim to be libertarians are not. They're just mad their party lost and are looking for answers. Don't forget that Republicanism used to stand for small government in all areas until they got to a point where they realize they couldn't win elections without partnering with the religous right. A proverbial deal with the devil which couldn't be more ironic.

B-Large(?) posted a link to their social idea in another thread. Basically they want to take the idea of small government and apply it to everything, including social issues. That means the government stays out of your personal life. You can smoke what you want, **** who you want, marry who you want (within reason, obviously. They're not for incest like nyuk seemed to think).

The problem with libertarianism IMO is its a rigid philosophy based in an ideological vacuum. Nothing I have seen from libertarianism in the way of economic policy has even a modicum of a chance of working, let alone being implemented. Small government is a great idea, but you can't get a government of 300 million people to be as small a libertarians want it to be. It's just not feasible.
what about abortion? Should gov. Stay out of the way on this?
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