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People on Committee are like a jury where you know they don't know everything, but they are supposed to listen to expert testimoney and make rational decisions right?

I don't aree that just because i don't have a degree in science that I could not make a good decision on how to spend money in the space program. A rational man/woman of decent intelligence could listen to experts, then say I think the mars missions is the most important to the country etc etc. Committee members listen to experts more then they are the experts.

if thats the case then like i said before you need to kick out all the poli sci, history, liberal arts majors for engineers, scientists, doctors, former military, and on and on. What do we need history for? The what happened last decade committee? I'm not saying history not important just don't see that expertise good for anything but maybe stuff about foreign relations? war? Certainly not energy. But that doesn't mean fienstien not smart enough to get the people who know that stuff in front of the committee to hear the facts.
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