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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
So if someone believes somehow the Earth is only 9000 yrs old. They agree science disagrees but then maybe say somehow its true i have faith.

Does that mean they should not have a say in what we do in outer space. Wasn't Neil Armstrong a huge christian? What if someone had a doctors in astro physics or some crazy thing but still said somehow I have faith that whats in the bible is true. Is that person now too stupid to help plan how to spend money in outer space? Do you see what i am saying.

i do see where you are coming from. But what do you do when a housewife gets elected by the people. Do you exclude her from all the important committees? Also you won't be able to stop at just religion vs science. Once a can of worms open it opens all the way.

You focus on religion vs science only.
So far I have, because that's what sparked the debate in my mind.

Diane Feinstein is on the Judiciary Committee. She has a BA in History. Now, I don't know what her focus was in History. I don't know what sort of experience she has picked up (not related to her education) being on the Hill for so long, so it's possible she's qualified. But looking at her history, it looks like the closest link to judicial process she has is having a daughter who is a judge.

But what I am saying, believe it or not, *GASP* is that regardless of party, if you do not have the experience, you should not be allowed on the committee. The Constitution says a lot about who, what, when and how people can get elected to positions. It says little to nothing about congressional committees. There is no constitutional protection that I know of which requires congress to allow anyone who has been elected to serve on a committee.

Being elected as a congressional public servant gives you the opportunity to vote on bills and debate policy. It does not, nor should not guarantee you a seat on a committee. A housewife who gets elected (with little to no relevant education) has no business serving on a committee. Hell, I'm a house husband at the moment. I have no background in energy. I would not expect anyone to appoint me to the energy committee, nor should anyone else.

If the background does not fit, you must sit.
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