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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
In the Senate its Commerce, Science, Transportation. Are you saying we would have to change the committees or can religious people also not serve for transportation because they believe somehow, even though science says the earth is older, they believe in the bible?

The other is energy and natural resources. So if you think the oil youngers then others you are an idiot as to how it should be pumped or used? So you can't be on that one either.

See where I am going this is just an attack on religion not how smart someone is.
This is not an attack on religion.

The committees are not written in the Constitution. How they are comprised should be revisited, as well, and can be altered easily. In fact, if you look into it, the names and scopes of most of the committees have changed several times over the years.

In looking at the different committees, there are several which (attempt to) encompass different topics that have very little to do with one another.

House Committees (with multiple platforms)

Education and the Workforce? Yeah okay I can see that...
Energy and Commerce? Hmmm, okay...we're getting a little more abstract in our relationships here...
Oversight and Government Reform? Sure!
Science, Space and Technology? Sounds good.
Transportation and Infrastructure? Checks out.

Senate Committees

Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry? I can see A and B, or B and C, or A and C, but not A, B and C. Too broad.
Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs? Banking and Housing okay...Urban Affairs and Housing okay...Maybe combine Banking and Housing with Finance, and Urban Affairs with....Jesus, WTF
Commerce, Science and Transportation? L0L WUT?
Energy and Natural Resources? Finally, some common sense in this MFer.
Health, Education, Labor and Pensions? Oops I spoke too soon.

The system needs to be changed. Congressional committees serve a very important purpose and should be positions reserved for people with expertise in that area. Furthermore, the committees themselves and their responsibilities need to be reevaluated. For the Senate, I understand there are only 100 members to go around, but I don't believe you would have to create any more committees than there currently are...just reorganize them so that they make sense, so we don't run into the problem where a New Earther who is perfectly qualified to be on the budget committee is on the Senate Budget, Indian Affairs, Science, Technology, Awesome 80's Movies and Bake Sale Committee.

Do you see what I'm saying?
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