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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Do you know the difference between serving in public office and holding a seat on a congressional committee? What is the difference?

Serious question. I'm not convinced you do.

But to reiterate, yes, I believe that if you have a literal interpretation of the Bible, you are not qualified to serve on the committee for science, space and technology.
In the Senate its Commerce, Science, Transportation. Are you saying we would have to change the committees or can religious people also not serve for transportation because they believe somehow, even though science says the earth is older, they believe in the bible?

The other is energy and natural resources. So if you think the oil youngers then others you are an idiot as to how it should be pumped or used? So you can't be on that one either.

See where I am going this is just an attack on religion not how smart someone is.
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