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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Who cares what our current farm system looks like right now? About 90% of our roster is homegrown. Our core players are signed for the long run. Plus if there's something that Saban is good at, is at building and stacking up our farm. He rarely trades our top prospects... (cough cough Zack Wheeler... though he is sucking in AAA).

LA has a lot of problems right now. Kemp has been struggling since last year and they have been hit hard by the injury bug. Still that is no excuse. In 2011 not once during the whole season did we start our projected lineup, we still ended up wining 86 games.

You guys can hit for singles, but cant hit a lick for power. Puig is not a power hitter, you could end up bringing a player and shatter his confidence if he doesn't do well like Bochy did with Belt the first couple of times they brought him up.

PS. Cruz should not be MLB player.
Puig is not a power hitter WOW
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