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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Again, agree Mattingly has done a terrible job, but again... is not like their player aren't underachieving. Kershaw has the same number of HR as Kemp. Lol!!! That overpaid lineup has no chemistry. Their SP have sucked outside of Kershaw and maybe Ryu.

Again, totally agree that Mattingly is their main problem, but they have to clean house and start building and believing in their farm system.
Kemp is coming back from shoulder surgery, I'm not sure why you don't think that is the issue with his power right now. Again it is hard to get chemistry with a retard manager changing the line up everyday. LA had one game where it could have had the full line up and he sat Crawford to rest him. That was just last week.

Also I knew you would talk about the farm system. It is now ranked 13th, while the Giants is ranked last. Puig is the 8th ranked player, Joc Pederson is 38, and Zac Lee is 51. They are rebuilding the farm, it just takes more then a season. Also the GM doesn't bring up young talent. He sucks too!!! Puig and Pederson play OF, so Ethier should be turned into a 2nd and Puig should be brought up.
Van Slyke should be brought up to back up first base if Gonzo is out for a long period of time. He is tearing it up in AAA and deserves a shot. He's only hitting .404 with 9 homeruns, 27 rbis, and slugging percentage of .760. We will still go with Urine instead though because he is so f'ing great.

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