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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
My brother is a Giants fan an he even knows that Donnie is the reason they are not winning. He changes the line up every day and plays AL ball. Puig needa to be moved up and Either needs traded for a 2nd baseman. Like I said earlier Dee Gordon should have been the SS all year not Sellers. That is poor coaching decision making.

Hopefully this gets Donnie fired and Bobby Cox is brought in.
Again, agree Mattingly has done a terrible job, but again... is not like their player aren't underachieving. Kershaw has the same number of HR as Kemp. Lol!!! That overpaid lineup has no chemistry. Their SP have sucked outside of Kershaw and maybe Ryu.

Again, totally agree that Mattingly is their main problem, but they have to clean house and start building and believing in their farm system.
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