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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
While true that their GM sucks, they aren't the one out there batting. They have a bunch of "superstars" that can't hit with RISP even if they life depended on it. They have no clue what is the meaning of clutch. Feel so sry for Kershaw. He is my favorite player outside my Giants.

Mattingly does suck, but his players have been in position to win games or do something when it must count, yet they have failed most of the time.

The season is still young, they will get healthier and put a better product on the field. But will it be enough to keep that pace with SF and COL?
My brother is a Giants fan an he even knows that Donnie is the reason they are not winning. He changes the line up every day and plays AL ball. Puig needa to be moved up and Either needs traded for a 2nd baseman. Like I said earlier Dee Gordon should have been the SS all year not Sellers. That is poor coaching decision making.

Hopefully this gets Donnie fired and Bobby Cox is brought in.
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