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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
No only someone crazy would not see that the Catholic Church had/has a big problem. I actually have a very close friend whose mother got a settlement from the Los Angeles Diocese. I have been close with her for years and only recently found out that the house she was given by her mom was paid for with the money. I am firmly in the corner of justice when it comes to crimes against children who can't defend themelves.

But the fact is predators seek out places where kids are. Its not schools and churches or the Boy Scouts looking for pedos, its pedos tricking them into letting them work with kids.

I'm happy with how society and the law handled it. Some priests did get away with it and that is too bad. But a lot more have been arrested right? money was paid out and the truth was told. Lets hope the new Pope can create a mechanism to better police their own.

I think its obvious the catholics need to let priests and nuns marry and have somewhat normal lives as men and women. i agree with you 100% the Catholic Church has a long ways to go before they can really be trsuted.

Now to tear apart the one thing in your thread that is complete BS. That the religious community helped cover it up. That is total bull****. The people who go to church make up the community not the leadership in the Vatican. it was the church leadership that did that.

I don't go to church a lot anymore like i did as a kid. I do still go sometimes though to play music if i am asked. If you think the people there want to see kids molested you are crazy.
Define "church leadership".

I was a Catholic for over 20 wasn't just the clergy who did the covering up. Much like PSU, there is a culture of "clergy can do no wrong" in the Catholic Church, and many, many lay people participated.
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