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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Hey cut, can I be in your band?

I don't read music.
I don't play any instruments.
I don't sing.
I don't listen to music.
I have no rhythm.
I don't dance.
I have no background in music.
So in other words you are the same as about half the people who call themselves musicians?

But i can agree with you to some point. I just think you would not be happy with the result if you made it an intelligence test to be in govt. The only people qualified to be on the armed services committee would be serving in the military and probably being an officer? For finance committe only people with a degree in finance should sit right? For judiciary only lawyers and former judges, maybe cops? See where I am going with this. You want exclude people from science if they disagree with any science? That would be a slippery slope but one i would find interesting to say the least.
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