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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Well, he has been banned for racism like 5 times and is BroncoFan7, but because the moderators seem to not be able to understand how one can easily change their IP address, he gets a pass!
I have a newsflash for you genius. The site wants traffic and lot's of posts. That way Taco can make some money and help pay to run the site. If they ban everyone who you don't like in the end it would just be you and some of your liberal buddies sitting around agreeing with each other. The thing is you don't make as many posts when you agree with someone. So it's not that they couldn't figure it out, it's that they don't want to. You getting all pissed about a racial thread is why they have a WRP area specially for it. Otherwise you could say all football no matter what or you get banned right? But that would diminsih the traffic on the site and Taco wants traffic. Traffic is good!
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