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I'm sorry but serial killers? I guess I will take the same stance with rapists and child molesters as I do with serial killers. It's the environment more than anything hereditary.
That is highly debatable. There is considerable evidence to indicate that each of those is naturally wired somewhat differently. Serial killers for instance usually grow up in dysfunctional homes, but no moreso than many others who grow up to be non-violent, semi-normal people. If it's 100% environment, certain conditions should always produce serial killers, and that simply isn't the case. In fact it's a very tiny percentage of people who go that route even with the traditional markers of a serial killer background. Hell, some of them seem to actually have fairly healthy childhoods.

That said, lumping gay people in with these serial killers or other such "monsters" is disgusting, and people need to stop doing it.
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