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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Manning was throwing when we signed him. What Denver did last year taking Osweiler instead of a prospect who could contribute right away was mind-boggling. FWIW, I like Dysert way more than Osweiler.
part of him signing with us was due to us having a legit plan in place to have a true back up QB and potential QBOTF in place.
this was endorsed and signed off on by Manning.

we needed a QB to groom, we got a potential franchise guy in the 2nd round and he's being groomed under Manning. i don't see the issue.
whether we took him in the early 2nd or late 2nd, or 3rd is irrelevant.
we wanted him, he was the top QB left on our board, we drafted him and Peyton was on board with it.

the only people who it was mind boggling to where those who didn't pay attention to the amount of time Elway spent scouting Oz or that thought he shouldn't take a QB.
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