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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Freeney is not coming to Denver people. He wants a multi year deal and I don't think Elway wants to go that route. We just picked up Phillips and got a nice DE project in the draft. With Jackson and Ayers and Beal, we've go depth and some talent. We'll get it done.
Freeney screwed himself out of a job by asking too much, and he could have played for a real contender, maybe got another ring.. We got a better deal with Phillips. With the beef we added at DT I think our rush is not going to lose much if anything, and will probably be even more effective.

I am stoked that our D-line is going to be a nightmare for offenses with all the big bodies up front. We should be even better against the run, and if we get pressure up the middle with Knighton and Sly, Vickerson etc. the ends and are going to put a lot of pressure from the outside too. There is not going to be much time for anyone to go deep on us. We are going to see a lot of screens, bubbles and slants so our LBs are going to have to play big in the short zones.

I just hope that Champ hasn't lost another step this year and that CB and safety spots are solid.
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