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I haven't been around in a while. Still buzzing from that big win last night. Glad to see one of my all time favorite players, Joakim Noah, come up big last night after he predicted a win. His offense seems leaps and bounds better than a couple of years ago. That was a win for the ages. Today, Im a very proud Bulls fan.

As for the upcoming series, I don't expect the series to go past 5 games. That's OK though. I didn't expect the Bulls to beat the Nets; I certainly don't expect them to beat Miami. The deck is stacked in Miami's favor. I know the Bulls will go out on their shields. I anticipate that out of the 4 or 5 games, that I expect the series to go, about half will be competitive. The Bulls may eke out one of these games. I think Miami will most likely get it going on nights where the Bulls are stagnant on offense.

I don't think Rose should come back. It's too detrimental to team chemistry. The team should step in and shut it down for Rose. If Rose comes back and it's a train wreck, everyone will shift from criticizing Rose to criticizing management.

A few reasons for slight hope: 1-Noah seems to have found some offense and he won't be going against anything close to Lopez; 2-Bellinili is similar to Korver but is better at creating off the dribble and can finish around the basket; 3-Jimmy Butler gives Thibs a lot of matchup possibilities.
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