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I think that's a dangerous proposition--starting a rookie who is also learning an entirely new position on a team that's in win now mode. I think Woodson would be a good fit on a 1 year deal replacing Adams. That said, I don't think it happens. Woodson's coverage ability mixed with his ability to play closer to the line and blitz from multiple defensive backfield spots would be a solid addition at least in the short term imo.
It wouldn't be for this year. In the FOs eyes there's nothing wrong with safety. Adams and Moore will be getting the time while carter and Bruton there for depth. Making it a gradual transition for Webster. He wouldn't be thrown in there that fast.

The fact the niners turned him down and went with a rookie tells me there's a significant drop off in his game. Niners want to win now and are only a short distance away from doing that. Seems that's more a good fit and they still went with a rookie instead.

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