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Agreed with the bold. Also, I like Franklin, but he seems like a "Hilman type" to me, so why bother? I think Ball is just what the doctor ordered.

And, can Alford come in and beat DRC to start this year? If not, then again, why bother? I don't believe Webster was drafted to start this year. I think he was drafted for next year and/or beyond.
I heard big talk about Franklin, and how he was possibly a first rounder, but I thought the whole time, he's a slightly more physical Hillman type running back. He has drawn comparisons to Warrick Dunn, mostly because Mora coached both and it's not hard to draw that correlation, but both have/had some speed, solid hands, pass protection skills, some toughness.

GB will probably use him as a third down back, or a change of pace back to Lacy, if Lacy recovers. But he will be a change of pace back to Benson for now.

So I agree I'm not sure there's a huge difference in Hillman and Franklin. While there are differences between the two but not power back to scat back differences. If we passed on Ball who was rumored to be GB's target and they traded down thinking they could get him, then I would have preferred Taylor in the fourth.

1. Williams DT
2. Alford CB
4. Stephan Taylor RB
5. Quantereus Smith DE

That would have been a quality haul.. Ideally with a safety in the third, though I would have preferred Cyprien in the first and Brandon Williams in the third.

And Alford looks like he has great potential, but it depends on what DRC shows up to play, DRC from Philly or AZ? Even if it was Philly's, Alford would have to still work to beat out DRC and it would still probably take time to do so..
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