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I've said it a million times.

We signed Manning. That means you don't need to use a high pick on a QB. You get a FA to back him up and use a mid-round / late-round pick pick on developing a guy.

For a team who consistently talks about being one or two players away and then uses their second round pick on a QB. . . lol. Bull****. "BPA" my ass. I guess we will agree to disagree on this one. I want Denver to start getting players in the second through fourth rounds that do more than pinch hit every once and a while. I don't expect fourth rounders to be starters, but I do expect second and third round picks to contribute more than they have.
Denver signed Manning who had played in over a year and at the time of the signing he couldn't even throw a football.

Excuse me haven't we been through this **** a hundred times??
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