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Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
If a guy is having sex with another guy, he has some sort of desire to do so
I dont think straight guys would ever have that desire, it is not something that just happens by accident
In fact I think it is safe to assume the huge majority of straight guys would be repulsed at the idea

That desire has always been there, but the reasons they dont act can vary from not wanting people to know they are gay to they are bi and are fine with women but would also go with a guy if the opportunity arose

There is bi, I know people who are bi
I dont consider them straight, but then again I dont get hung up too much on labeling them one way or the other
I used to be repulsed by the thought of it but after growing up am just in the who cares whatever floats your boat. I just argue that being straight is normal and liking gay sex is some sort of kinky behavoir that most likely is not genetic, but more a choice influenced by environment or factors other then genetics. But who knows and really it doesn't matter.

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