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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
What if a man who is gay whole life tries one time with a woman? Does that make him str8? So then if a man has sex with another man once is he gay? or BI? Are you saying there is no bi just confused homos?

I'm not saying I couldn't change my mind but it seems to me that to be gay you would have to know in your heart only men turn you on. If you thought inside 100% i love women, but you have one gay experience, I'm not sure that makes you gay. I guess those people could all just be in denial but certainly there are lots of shades of gay in gay lol. In other words its a grey gay area!
If a guy is having sex with another guy, he has some sort of desire to do so
I dont think straight guys would ever have that desire, it is not something that just happens by accident
In fact I think it is safe to assume the huge majority of straight guys would be repulsed at the idea

That desire has always been there, but the reasons they dont act can vary from not wanting people to know they are gay to they are bi and are fine with women but would also go with a guy if the opportunity arose

There is bi, I know people who are bi
I dont consider them straight, but then again I dont get hung up too much on labeling them one way or the other
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