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Originally Posted by errand View Post
so please explain this Jason Collins guy who obviously was attracted to women, and had sex with women...was even engaged to a woman....then he decided he was gay.
So you, being Jason Collins, knew whether or not he was attracted to the women he slept with?

I've had girlfriends. I have had sex with my girlfriends. I knew at the time I was gay as a $3 bill. I used them to deflect questions into my personal life and to stop people with a narrow viewpoint who could hurt me from causing that pain. And a decent person hates the fact they have to use people who have done them no wrong to hide from bull**** from ignorant people. It made me a hypocrite.

Your assertion that Collins suddenly became gay is bordering on the obnoxious. You keep questioning why a guy with NBA level talent would want to avoid being seen as less then a hypermasculine ball player. He did it to fulfill the expectations of his family, friends, agents, fans and teammates. He buried a critical part of himself to play a sport he loves. Apparently he got tired of the act.

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