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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Homosexuality has been prevalent in the animal kingdom since forever. Nothing new here. Good for Collins. Considering the climate of the NBA and generally the African-American communities negative views on homosexuals, this was a very hard thing to do for him. It is great to see people being proactive and forward about it.

I'm sure the same people laughing at those calling him "brave" would have said the same thing about Rosa Parks when she stood up not only for her rights, but for all those who would follow in her footsteps when she refused to move on that bus.

Wrong. There were no whites in the south laughing at Rosa Parks. Instead they were incensed. She was immediately arrested, and her and her supporters, including MLK, were unmercifully harrassed and intimidated as they boycotted the segregated bus system. The media merely reported, they did not intervene.

What I suspect people are laughing at are the media and others that are trying their best to make Collins out as a hero of civil rights like Rosa Parks. Collins was not arrested for obvious reasons, and there is no evidence of harassment nor intimidation; but instead he is the toast of the town. The media love him and will protect him from any backlash. Rosa Parks got no such consideration or treatment.

He is no such hero, maybe 20 or 30 years ago, but not today. People remember and respect Rosa Parks nearly 60 years after her very brave act. Collins is a marginal player that no one had heard of just a month ago. In 5 years, highly doubtful we will remember him.

Now, if he came out and said he voted for Romney, then that would be brave!
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