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I am all for a big push to go to Mars though. I don't know if it would spur the economy or lead to new industries but you never know. Maybe the next big thing has to be in space because our own planet being bled dry.

I do know the liberal theory of lets all grow our own food, ride a bike, get green won't do it. It may clean up our country some and improve but the world out of control with growth. China so huge we can't fathom living in a country with a billion people. They are 3 times our size and one day will demand all the Earths resources and there will be a war. Anyone who thinks this road is sustainable by just trying to waste money on electric cars is kidding themselves.

I convinced myself! We should head as far into space as we can. We need to harvest asteroids and put a base on mars. The hundreds of millions Obama wasted on solar companies and electric car companies would have been better spend by NASA trying to go to Mars or do something huge. Like people living on the moon, or sending men to an asteroid to see if some really contain large amounts of recoverable elements and minerals.

America should commit to being the first to Mars, the first to have a base on the Moon, all of that.
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