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You kidding govt loves him! They have spending like crazy this whole time. Republicans and Democrats both. You think Obama not "investing" hell what do you call all the money he has blown on green energy. Hopefully I am wrong and that sector eventually produces massive energy and jobs but i am highly skeptical.

Even Bush spent massive amounts he was more a liberal when it came to spending and if you hung with conservatives during that time they lambasted that. True they mostly would deflect and blame Congress but whatever Bush spent a ton. Clinton spent a ton. Reagan, Carter, they all spent as much as they could get away with.

Liberals and Conservatives don't even fight about how much to spend anymore. They fight about where to spend the money not how much we spend. Repubs get all thrifty once its liberal programs being funded and liberals just spend no matter who is president.

The only thing liberals change when in office is where the money goes and that wars now ok as long as they aren't started by Bush. Repubs only recently have gotten all thrifty because they feel its one issue they can beat liberals at and maintain some power during Obamas tenure.
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