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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Interesting so you are saying that some sort of evolution is causing more people to be gay because of overpopulation. I'm not sure about that but its an interesting theory. I still believe though why people gay is not important. We don't tell people you have to be normal to get all the protection the constitution and human rights in general give us. Be gay if you want, marry if you want. I only ever argued that i felt people do have a choice to be gay, or bi or straight. If we raise kids that being gay is cool and totally normal then IMO you will see more gay people. The flip side of that also true. I don't believe there is some sort of evolution in anything except how society gets more tolerant.

Also i point out that IMO the media really pushing being gay is cool while at the same time bashing things like Tebow being a virgin. They make fun of that on tv shows. etc etc.

Does anyone thing why people are gay has any bearing on how they should be treated?
I don't think it's fair that the media bashed Tebow for being a virgin. Just like I don't think being gay should have a bearing on how they should be treated. You're a good person or bad person regardless of something like sexual orientation or religion. But it's still a stigma. Probably because the two seem to be so at odd with each other.

And yes, I agree that the "why" part shouldn't matter. It doesn't work like that yet though. It's why gay marriage is such a hot topic these days.
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