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Originally Posted by errand View Post
.....yeah but like they say, you can paint a thousand pictures and never be called an artist, but you suck one dick, you're a f-aggo-t for life.
Well chopping down one tree doesn't make you a lumberjack. The fact men and women will try homosexual activities then still be str8 says to me its not genetic. You can't fight genetics IMO. Unless people are saying there is also a bi gene, a str8 gene, a sometimes bi but mostly str8 gene, a gay gene and on and on. I think its more that humans are really horny and like sex. Some probably get bored I guess? Or maybe just one person of the same sex ever attracted you to them? Hell I don't know and i don't care really. To each his own.

But i do personally find it hard to understand how a man could want a man more then a woman. I mean I guess if you have life in prison or something lol.
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