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Adam Gotsis

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
I wish we knew if Billab**** really was high on Webster as has been reported and intended to take him. Remember the next pick was a DB from Rutgers.. So maybe he was high on their board. I believe in value, but I also believe that if that's your guy and you value him, you take him where you feel comfortable doing so..

Alford in the second, Franklin in the fourth, sounds great in theory, especially after the fact. But we don't know how anyone will produce..
Agreed with the bold. Also, I like Franklin, but he seems like a "Hilman type" to me, so why bother? I think Ball is just what the doctor ordered.

And, can Alford come in and beat DRC to start this year? If not, then again, why bother? I don't believe Webster was drafted to start this year. I think he was drafted for next year and/or beyond.
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