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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Bikram is bs IMO because its not strenuous cardiovascularly or musculalrly it's just really ****ing hot. Stupidly so IMO.

It they want to do yoga I'd go with ashtanga which promotes fluidity 2 flexibility.

I feel like Richardson could go through stretches that would do the same or better.

Tell you what Chris. Not sure where you live but if you make it to a Denver game next year I can meet you at a Birkam studio. I want to see you bust out all 26 postures. If at the end you do them correctly and don't think it was strenuous I'll sign the title of OF1 over to you!

Brother I've been doing it for 2.5 years now and it's an ass KICKER each and every time. My wife is certified in it and teaches it to ballet dancers. university athletes, gymnasts and most of them struggle through it.

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