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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
What other CB did you want at #90?
If we had to have gone corner? Easy. B.W. Webb out of William and Mary. He and Webster played primarily and mostly zone in college, so the scenario for both of them on how well they fit into a team who runs more man (like we do) is quite similar. Webb (although smaller) is an aggressive tackler in the run and has plus skills as a return man (which Webster offers nothing at.) He isn't as much of a physical specimen, but is more athletic than he Kayvon and his drills (outside the 40) at Indianapolis demonstrate that.

Webster has 2" on him in arm length, but much smaller hands. Webb also tested out phenomenally at the combine and lit it up in Mobile where he was awesome all week. This was a guy that the Broncos also brought in, but must have felt Webster has better long-term potential. I think that Webb profiles best as a nickel (starter immediately) and would be best suited there long-term. When it comes to Webster, we are hoping for a guy who might eventually grow into that role and based on his skills and "straight line" speed, can perhaps be a #2 guy down the road. Elway called him a good cover corner, but almost every USF fan there is talks about how he needs to improve those skills and is raw. He got thrown at all day against Florida State this year and didn't make any plays on the ball. It was pathetic.

As I said that day in draft threads and elsewhere, I expected RB/CB to be the 2nd and 3rd round picks for the Broncos. I was fine with that, and had told many others we would take a corner despite them not seeing the need for it. I'm more than fine with Ball now (after some thinking and watching everything I could get my hands on) but Webster in the third is still unforgivable. Reaching at least a round ahead of time because they saw their guys (and I believe they were Wreh-Wilson and McFadden) go ahead of them and they panicked.

Just re-watch that presser from the day. The way they talked, the way they spoke and their body language were all indicative of it being a selection based on a desire to upgrade rather than him being the best player on their board. Sorry, he wasn't even the best corner on the board -- so how could he be your best player?

We will have to wait and see. In the long run I bet Aaron Hester pans out better than Webster does. Hester can obviously play man from the get go, has a bigger frame and just as good of a skill set. I just don't see it with Webster. I think he has the ability to come in and play in some big nickel and perhaps even move to safety. So hopefully he can do something. On tape he has no ball skills and as a zone corner, he should be making plays on the balls and getting picks. He wasn't.

If people think that is going to change in the NFL. . . LMFAO. I'll gladly eat my crow if/when it comes. Loved the Derek Wolfe crow. You were right on him. Glad to be proven wrong. Though, I doubt I will be proven wrong with Kayvon Webster. This pick was an abortion and there is no way of sugar coating it. We will dig this thread up in 2-3 years and see what shakes out.
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