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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Now Hezbollah has come out in support of Assad. What a bizarre conflict this is. You've got the Muslim Brotherhood fighting with the rebels, and the Iranian backed Hezbollah fighting with Assad. No wonder the U.S. wants to stay the **** out of it. No matter who wins, we lose.
We win by making sure this thing drags on forever. A never ending Jihad in Syria that saps up the fighters who are willing to go abroad to fight for Allah. Hell we should sneak in and bomb both sides if we do have to set up a no fly zone. I guess if UN acts without us we have no choice but to sort of join in or we sort of weaken the UN which i guess would be a bad thing. Who knows UN sort of a joke nowdays.

Go in with a no fly zone then say ooops fog of war was that a rebel army we bombed. We thought that was Syrian army sorry about that. Oh we killed your top commander that is too bad.
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