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If liberals do kep power for a long time it can't last. Eventually everyone will be taxed so high there will be a backlash back to conservatism. Conservatives not worried because we know the liberals theory of high taxes, high govt spending and low morals will eventually lead to their demise. All we have to do is wait a bit more. Hell what was this months economic growth? i haven't had a chance to see if it was released yet. But i bet it comes in just enough to avoid telling us we are in a recession. What maybe 1-2% at most if it kept up for the whole yr. They will be like growth was .5 % we are on our way, don't worry things are great. Hell wait until Obamacare totally blows up. The dirty secret is the cost of healthcare on the exchanges going to be atronomical and crush the lower middle class, or the fed govt as they try and subsisize it. Its amusing how liberals on the board really think its going to work somehow. Heads buried firmly up asses!

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