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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Aaron Rodgers was a projected Top 10 selection. Green Bay didn't have very many other pressing needs on the team. Denver did have needs last year they could have addressed at 58. The situation isn't nearly as comparable as you would like to make it be. If Denver was in the market for a back-up QB, they could have had Kirk Cousins later.
but then think of the potential linebackers they would of missed out on with that 4th round pick

My point is that qb far and away trumps every position, it doesnt matter how many "needs" you fill if you dont have a qb

GB had needs, they were not some dynasty
They then went on to win a SB with the guy they spent a first on who had to sit for 3 years

I just cant criticize a team for upgrading the qb position
As someone mentioned earlier about how long we have gone since Elway before getting another elite qb
It is hard to find one, I would rather overspend to ensure we have a good qb than have to settle for backups and retreads because our top picks could have been better spent filling "immediate needs"
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