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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
What 24champ posted was actually something I sent him on FB and told him to post for me.

(A) I never said the drafts by Elway were failures, I just stated that I expect more than one rookie from a draft class to make a start that same year. Wolfe was the only one. Sure, we got some role players who did well, but even with this team being quality, I expect more.

(B) It is almost impossible to argue we haven't mortgaged valued in rounds 2-4. Trading down, only to trade up for questionable players and people who aren't even contributing. I'm sorry. Second and third round picks should be used on players who contribute immediately. Webster might pan out down the road, but blowing a third on a guy who is going to be a special teams relegate is dumb. Just like blowing a second on Osweiler when we had other need was dumb.

So I would assume you also think the Packers drafting Aaron Rodgers when they already had Favre was dumb, yes?

Just think of how good they would be with a stud WLB though instead
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