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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Basically what you're doing is rote-parroting DNC propaganda mill slurs and appealing to novelty.

Is this what a college education buys nowadays?
No. The Census Bureau projects that in the 2040s America will be a minority majority nation.

Considering that, plus how unpopular the GOP is with minorities. . . they will fight a lot of tough battles in areas that are traditionally strongholds of theirs that have very rapidly rising immigrant/ethnic populations. States like Arizona, Texas, etc. will come in play. Texas would be a huge loss for the R's because it has been a stronghold for them for ages. However, with the rising Hispanic demographic there (and what it accounts for in voting % -- which will only increase as population increases) they are going to have trouble.

It really is just common sense. They will do their best (probably this next election) to put a guy like Rubio or Jindal on the ticket to try and shake away the old, angry white man stigma -- but the stigma will continue to exist, and it won't help them because their reasons for doing it will be self-evident. It is hard (and going to be almost impossible) to wipe away decades of social/domestic policy and rhetoric which demonized different people.

Just my thoughts.
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