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Report on ESPN's NFL Live today was that Albert was going to play LT and Fisher will start at RT so you did draft a RT 1st overall.

I think it is more a ploy by Reid to placate Albert and get him to show and not hold out.

As of right now all trade options for Albert are dead. If kFc really wanted to move him they should have taken a 3rd and maybe a lower conditional type pick next year in the 3-5 range.
I'm not taking his word at 100% right now because I think they are still trying to trade him. It decreases his value to say that he is a RT.

I think Albert is worth more than a 3rd as seen by his pass protection the last 2 years. I think what's holding him back is his price tag though.
Having Albert back is far more valuable than losing him for only a 3rd round pick. I don't think he's elite, but I think he is good.

I think there is no doubt about it that Fisher will be the long term LT. Might start off at RT at first, but I think in 2014 he'll be the LT.

Reid drafted Andrews in the first round to be an OT in tackle but played him at G his first year before moving him to OT, so he has a history of this.
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