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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Lavonte did more than just "play well," he took over as captain and signal-caller for the defense and finished 8th in the league in tackles.

LB is a logjam now more than last year - probably why we steered clear in the draft. But Woodyard 2011 wasn't Woodyard 2012 ... WW really blew up this last season.
Maybe middle LB is a logjam, but WLB and SLB is pretty well set
We have WW and drafted Trevathan who was stud for a 6th round pick last year
We didnt need David as bad as we needed a qb
You can have all the awesome weakside LBs in the world but it wont really matter if you dont have a qb worth a ****

Even though WW blew up last year everyone knew he wasnt complete trash
He has shown well in his opportunities prior to last year
So between him, the drunk, and Trevathan the WLB spot wasnt that bad
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