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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Do you honestly believe that "Broncos" fans who baldly stated as (if it were) fact that (HOF'er) John Elway was afraid to give Tebow a real chance for fear that Tebow would break his records.... would have found any more respect to show for (future HOF'er) Peyton Manning? They wouldn't have. They would have instantly attacked (and did) anyone they felt stood in the way of Tebow being the starting QB.

Elway absolutely made the right decision (not retaining Tebow). It was time for the circus to go somewhere... anywhere.... else.
Exactly.....Beavis seems to forget we had Tebow fans on here wishing someone would take a crowbar to Orton's knees or head (mattered not to them) to get Tebow on the field.....we had Tebow fans proposing hypothetical plane crash where Elway and Fox die thus making the Broncos a much better team....and we had Tebow fans in here b****ing moaning and crying over the Manning signing too.

There is no way they would have had any respect for Manning......
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