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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
At this stage in their careers yes I do.

For the first two years Beadles played soft on the field but last year he showed up with much more strength and better conditioning and drastically improved his game. He's no longer a liability in pass protection and is actually an asset in the run game and finished the year extremely well. He allowed, what like 1 sack all year? His poor play in his first two seasons was more to do with not being in NFL shape rather than deficiencies in his agility, and footwork.

Kuper has had two serious surgeries on his ankle now with the same leg showing a break near the original plate at the end of last season. So it's worrying that the injury didn't heal fully initially and actually recently was reinjured. NOT good for his long term prospects of making the roster, let alone starting.

That's why there's not a chance that Kuper will play at Center where you need excellent feet, and real drive from your legs and base to move 320+ DL out of the way. A guy who shattered his ankle/lower fib the last two years is not going to do that either at C or Guard.
I agree completely about Kuper...but what about Walton? He had the same injury.
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