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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
This doesn't change the fact that David played extemely well for TB and could have had an immediate impact on this Broncos team too. Yes, the Broncos passed on David and they also passed on Martin when they traded back. Elway did pass on a lot of talent in order to take Wolfe and Osweiler and while Wolfe has been nice, Osweiler still has more questions than answers. I think we can both agree that we hope it works out just as Elway envisions.
yes, he played well for Tampa. but we didn't draft him and likely wouldn't have drafted him.
we had DJ & Wesley, we drafted Danny T, Nate was the back up to Von, we weren't in the market to spend a high round pick on a LB in that draft.
he wasn't going to play for us, DJ and Woody would have blocked him for the most part and unless the staff hated Nate he would have ridden the pine.

yeah, except i don't have a problem with us making the pick.
i wanted Brock as the QB draftee that season. either he or Tannehill were the two QB's i liked best to sit behind Manning, but Tannehill went to Miami so that wasn't going to happen.

my entire point in posting in this back and forth with you is for you to understand that more than likely we wouldn't have taken the player you're so obsessed with mentioning as a better pick than Oz was.

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
really? 'cause outside of Miller who really is a 3-4 OLB or hybrid DE, I don't think the Broncos LBer corpse was particularly great at the time of that draft. Woodyard has been nice, DJ was worthless and has since been kicked to the curb, and Travathan was a nice find but I think David would have been better. But whatever. Travathan has been a real nice find and I give Elway and company kudos for that pick.
i'm really just nitpicking here. but it's Trevathan, not Travathan.
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