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Come on, PT ... just trying to have some fun. You can't possibly take any real offense here, with me as insecure stutter-box Chris Farley and you the smooth legend of legends, the latter-day Mozart? The enormous gap in prestige between the two almost completely undercuts the substantive advantage.

I know what it is. I do. Not sure I believe it, but I guess I'll tell you what you want to hear. As much as the belief that a detailed knowledge (or perception of knowledge) of the game proves a phallo-plethysmographical advantage, or conversely that less (or the perception of less) knowledge of the game is a sure sign of advanced Peyronie's offends me, I will tell you what you want to hear: "You know m...m...more about than"

There, happy?

Now mellow out, it's the off-season.
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